The leopards and baboons were vocalizing under the almost full moon while we slept under the stars on the deck of our Banda… Wonderfulness all.
— Rosemary R., Sunnyvale, CA

Kenya MapFrom the late 70’s when Next Adventure’s founders traversed Mount Kenya and went on a camping safari in the Masai Mara and Samburu, Kenya has been an absolute favorite. We find its classic and dramatic East African beauty unparalleled. Today still the country’s savannas, deserts, highlands, snowy peak and beaches host a rich and varied wildlife including unique desert-adapted species.

Kenya has it all – warm and welcoming people, fascinating cultures, stunning scenery and distinctive wildlife attractions including the magnificent annual wildebeest and zebra migration, so it remains a not-to-be missed safari destination.

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Safari Ideas

Kenya has an international reputation for its classic East African beauty. The country has savannas, deserts, highlands and beaches that contain a rich and varied wildlife population. The presence of a colorful diversity of culture is also one of Kenya’s greatest attractions. Over thirty tribes inhabit Kenya. The five largest and best known are the Masai (or Maasai), the Samburu, the Tugen, the Turkana and the Kikuyu. These groups share a semi-nomadic, pastoral lifestyle, and each has a unique and rich culture. Kenya’s hospitable people, fascinating cultures, great tourist destinations and, especially, stunning scenery and wildlife make it a popular and unique destination.

Kenya is a large and diverse country. Although straddling the equator, the landscape is mostly semi-desert savannah. The climate is generally dry with warm days and cool nights although altitude and prevailing winds affect local conditions. Mount Kenya’s highlands are typically cooler while the northern and lower desert areas are warmer. Safaris operate year-round although East Africa has two rainy periods. The “short rains” fall in November/December and the “long rains” in April/May when lower rates may be available, and the environment is lush and full of life.

The Masai Mara is the centerpiece of any first safari in Kenya. Depending on the season we might recommend camps in different areas of the National Reserve or the surrounding private/community conservancies (especially during Peak Season.) We often combine the Mara grasslands with the rugged Northern Rangelands around Laikipia and Mt Kenya or the spectacular marshes and views of Mt Kilimanjaro in Amboseli.

Quality safari experiences can be found at a wide range of budgets, incorporating overland and flying circuits, and there are outstanding options for small groups of friends and families.

Access is always improving, and Kenya itineraries easily combine with destinations in Tanzania for longer safaris or Rwanda & Uganda for primate trekking experiences.

Kenya Safari Destinations

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Kenya Experiences

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