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Kenya Experiences Featured in CNN's Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

Lewa Unknown

In partnership with Lewa Wilderness and Il Ngwesi Group Ranch, Next Adventure is offering exclusive itineraries and set departures to visit the people and places featured in the Kenya episode of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown.

In early 2018, Next Adventure had the opportunity to collaborate on this production. We handled all their safari arrangements and introductions, and Next Adventure’s Managing Director Kili McGowan accompanied the shoot.

We believed in the story the producers wanted to tell, and we recommended Lewa as the perfect intersection of everything we love about safari travel, conservation and Kenya in particular.

Learn more about Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Read about Kili’s experience on-location with Parts Unknown

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For more than 20 years, we have been taking safaris personally, and we share the benefit of our experience and the quality of our relationships with our clients. We aren’t selling seats on trips; we are sharing the best of wild Africa via our most trusted colleagues and friends.

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Kili establishes confidence with the first conversation. Her knowledge is unlimited. I just put my trust in Kili.

Myra B.

Extremely knowledgeable, approachable, responsive and detail oriented.

Heidi & Lou C.

You do a great job of determining what people want and then matching the experiences to the person. We continue to recommend you to friends.

Buzz & Holly T.

Informative, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, accessible - great prep information!

Ann C.

We were asleep and had the canvas part of our tent open so we could look outside but the mesh part was down.  Probably about 2:30 or 3:00am one morning we heard a crunching sound outside.  We slowly looked out the tent from our bed and saw a hippo standing less than five feet from the tent opening and it was eating a sausage fruit!!  We were amazed!  We didn’t turn on any lights or take a picture because we didn’t want to frighten it.  We just sat there and watched it chomp on the fruit.  We loved it! — Courtney A.

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Kili McGowan

Kili McGowan

Managing Director

Jeremy Townsend

Jeremy Townsend

Marketing Coordinator

Nicole Russo

Nicole Russo


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Our Commitment

To provide our clients with the highest level of personalized safari planning and booking services with a focus on conservation, connection and communication.



By going on a safari with respected and responsible companies and partners, our clients provide direct support in the fight to preserve for future generations the most diverse wild places left on the planet.



Experiencing our planet's vast primitive wilderness connects us with the earth as it was tens of thousands of years ago. Wilderness gave birth to humanity, and in it we are reminded of the wild human thing in all of us.



The world needs more people telling positive stories about the wild, sacred and exciting places on our planet, and we at Next Adventure take great pride in knowing that our clients come home with stories of hope, wonder and gratitude.