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Five Reasons We Love Namibia

1. A Landscape Like No Other

Maybe this is true of any place, but there is nowhere on earth like Namibia. In population density, it ranks right there between Iceland and Mongolia.

namibia dune drive

Namibia Dune Drive

The Atlantic’s north-flowing Benguela current brings 180 days a year of fog to Namibia’s Skeleton Coast which is dotted with whale bones, shipwrecks and lions. Meanwhile, twenty mile long dunes crest at 1000 feet above the vast sand seas of the great Namib Desert. From gravel plateaus and bushveld to fossil forests and quivertrees, Namibia is a fascinating world of contrasts and extremes.

2. Extraordinary Wildlife Encounters

Namibia might not be known for wildlife, but incredible diversity extends from the game-dense Etosha salt pans to the perennial wetlands of the Caprivi Strip to the largest game park in Africa, Namib-Naukluft National Park. Its also about as close as you can get to some of the most successful wildlife conservation projects on the planet.

Etosha Salt Pans

Etosha Salt Pans – Photo by Karen Clark

Desert-adapted elephant and mountain zebras roam alongside the largest numbers of free-range black rhino in Africa, thanks to a collaborative effort between our partners Wilderness Safaris and the Save the Rhino Trust. To cap it off, the team from the Africat Foundation will take you out radio-tracking rehabilitated leopard and cheetah, on foot.

3. Fascinating Cultural Opportunities

The Himba rub red ochre and fat into their skin to protect themselves from the harsh desert sun, and their elaborate braids communicate their age and social status. The gigantic sheer boulders of the Twyfelfontein Valley are etched with the largest concentration of prehistoric petroglyphs in Africa, dating back more the 6000 years to San bushmen artists.

Himba Woman in Remote Northern Namibia

Himba Woman in Remote Northern Namibia

And the coastal resort town of Swakopmund, with beirgartens and European coffeeshops, feels more like a quaint German village than an African beach holiday destination. From ancient rock art to writing conservation into its constitution, Namibia’s culture is as vast as its landscape.

4. Action & Adventure

Namibia’s extremes aren’t restricted to climate and landscape. Extreme and adventure athletes of all kinds have discovered Namibia’s extraordinary environments. In between safaris, try quad-biking, dune-sledding, kite-surfing, sail-carting, desert night-hiking, mountain biking or deep-sea fishing. Or, you could go hit a few balls on one of the only all-grass desert golf courses in the world.

Driving through Damaraland

Driving through Damaraland

Namibia is also perfect for one of the greatest adventures: a self-drive safari over vast stretches of wilderness. The roads are (mostly) good, the signs (mostly) reliable, and there’s a variety of unique camps and lodges along the way.

5. Shhhhh

Finally, and maybe best of all… It’s a secret. Maybe it’s the sheer size of the country, but it feels utterly uncrowded, like an undiscovered frontier lies just beyond the next dune, and you’ll be the first to see it.

Overland in Namibia's Kunini River Valley

Overland in Namibia’s Kunene River Valley

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