Mekoro at Sunset - Botswana Migration Routes Safari

Five Friends’ Flying Safari

Earlier this year, we put together a private group camping safari for five friends. The trip started with everyone meeting up in Johannesburg and then moving on to Livingstone for a visit to Victoria Falls. From there, they embarked on a 9-day “Migration Routes Safari” with private air charters to three different mobile camps throughout the Okavango Delta, a great introduction to Botswana’s diverse ecology.

You can view the full itinerary here and see some of their feedback below. This itinerary could be easily extended with a walking safari in Zambia’s South Luangwa, a visit to Cape Town or the Cape Winelands region or more safari in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

What are the three most memorable moments from your safari?

  • J: Diversity of beautiful wildlife, sunrise and sunsets..fresh air and night sounds. Fun we had with our group, guide Francis and all the camp staff. The African environment and efforts by Botswana to preserve and protect it.

  • A: Being out in the bush the first day! Having an elephant come into our camp and watching it from my tent shower area- some 10 feet away! Watching the moon rise over a watering hole while the animals drank

What was your favorite or most exciting wildlife encounter?

  • J: Vultures stripping a kudu carcass. Lioness with her cubs.

  • A: Watching a mother lioness search for and then be reunited with her two cubs.. It was also the most poignant because they were being tracked by some male lions that were intruding into her territory and it was unlikely they would all survive.

Did you eat anything that you found surprisingly delicious?

  • J: All the food was delicious…way too much. But oh so good. No complaints here…beef was tasty and cooked to perfection . Enjoyed the assorted spices used in the dishes and veggies.

  • A: All the camp food was delicious! I especially like the different spicing that was used- unusual and very tasty!

Did you meet anyone that you’ll never forget?

  • J: Our guide Francis was amazing…sincere and kind…excellent tracker. He went beyond expectations to honor our group and shared in the fun that 5 crazy women can conjure up.

  • A: Francis.

What was your favorite camp or lodge and why?

  • J: All were very interesting and diverse. Probably Linyanti as the land was less dense for off road drives..loved the river and options around Chobe with so much wildlife and birds. Adventure camps were all great.

  • A: Linyanti Swamp-the staff was the most cohesive and wonderful, it was my first encounter with the bush. I loved the setting, being near the water, so we could see animals while in camp.

What would you enjoy more or less of in planning your next safari?

  • J: To be able to stay longer….more time after safari to rest in a city or village. More cultural interaction along with wildlife. Some time in S Africa…Capetown….more river type excursions …..

  • A: I would want to go to other places in Botswana, as well as another country to experience a different setting. Also, I would want to have time to spend outside the bush in one of the cities or towns while I was in Africa.

How would you describe your experience working with Next Adventure?

  • J: Excellent….always available and willing to take a phone call or email for any questions. Good online communications and prompt in responding.

  • A: Informative, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, accessible- great prep information!

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Photos courtesy of Wilderness Safaris.

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