We had a spectacular time! Our camps in Zambia, Kaingo & Mwamba, cater to photographers and each has a hide (blind) from which we got stellar opportunities to see a leopard kill and photograph hippos and elephants.
–Melinda, Berkeley, CA

Zambia MapZambia’s outstanding natural attractions and friendly people make it an ideal destination to see the “real” Africa as it boasts many uninhabited and wild areas.

Most of the country is a high plateau with a temperate climate where two of Africa’s greatest rivers begin: the Congo and the mighty Zambezi, the country’s namesake.

Although English is the official language, the Zambian people are mostly Bantu tribal groups who practice synthesized traditional and Christian beliefs and speak a number of dialects.


    Preferred Accommodations in Zambia

    Amanzi Lower Zambezi

    Potato Bush Camp Lower Zambezi

    Kaingo Camp South Luangwa

    Busanga Bush Camp Kafue

    Toka Leya Camp Victoria Falls

    Royal Chundu Lodge Victoria Falls

    There are over 19 national parks in Zambia, but many are remote and difficult to visit. However, our extensive, intimate knowledge of the Parks allows us to organize private group visits that will enable you to enjoy the spoils privately, a luxury that’s mostly unavailable in more popular Parks in Africa. Safaris and game viewing in Zambia are unique because the emphasis is not on visiting many parks, but rather on experiencing life in the bush through walking safaris and night game drives in relatively unexplored game reserves.

    Camera-ready Lion in Zambia's Busanga Plains

    Camera-ready Lion in Zambia’s Busanga Plains

    Because of long distances between parks  and generally poor roads, an extensive safari requires linking the various regions with scheduled/shared charter flights (or private charter flights if applicable).

    Our intimate knowledge of Zambia is unrivaled as Richard McGowan visited most of Zambia’s wildlife areas as an environmental consultant while living in Africa.

    Victoria Falls

    Victoria Falls


    One of the World’s greatest natural wonders, Victoria Falls is nature’s most spectacular curtain and Zambia’s best known and alluring attraction, which it shares with Zimbabwe. Described as  “the smoke that thunders” by Zambians, the falls are magical and magnificent as the waters of the Zambezi pour into the huge chasm below. Clouds of vapor against the backdrop of hues of blue and green can be seen for miles around.

    A number of luxury camps and Sun International Hotels have developed along the river in recent years. Like on the Zimbabwe side a number of activities can keep one busy for several days. The Zimbabwe side of the falls can be visited by obtaining a day visa and walking across the rail bridge.


    Eles LuangwaSouth Luangwa National Park is a vast sanctuary around the Luangwa River. Savanna, wetland and forest vegetation lines the banks of the Luangwa River as it snakes its way to the majestic Zambezi River. Renowned for its concentrated and diverse wildlife population, an excursion in this park provides you with an opportunity to see herbivorous animals including Thornicroft’s Giraffe, Buffalo, Zebra, Wildebeest, Antelope, Waterbuck, Kudu, Impala, Puku, and Oribi. Lured by the easy prey, Lions protecting their kill and elusive and nocturnal Leopards roam freely. South Luangwa is also populated by warthogs, hyenas, baboon, and wild dogs. Graceful, gregarious birdlife including Crested Cranes, Saddle Bill Stork, Egrets, Vultures and Wood Ibis make for an inimitable bird watching experience. Walking safaris and night game drives remain unparalleled in their potential to afford you excellent encounters with the pulse of the Park.


    North Luangwa National Park is a largely unexplored, undeveloped area found in the upper Luangwa River valley. It lies between the Muchinga Escarpment on the West and the river on the East. The Park has been made famous by the Owens’ book, Eye of the Elephant, a page turner!

    Lion & Vehicle in Busanga Plains

    Busanga Plains


    Kafue National Park is one of the largest in Africa, covering 22,500 sq. km. Dotted by varied vegetation, the southern area of the Park consists of double canopy forest, while the North contains marshes and the vast Busanga Plain. This variety attracts a lot of game, as well as over 600 different birds, including the magnificent Fish Eagle. The red Lechwe, unique to Zambia, is considered Kafue’s pride. Once nearly exterminated by poaching, the small Antelope are now found mostly on the Busanga Plains. Wilderness Safaris has taken a strong position with several excellent quality new camps in Kafue and Busanga Plains in 2006 so this will become a premier destination in Zambia over the years.


    The Lower Zambezi National Park is located along the Zambezi river across from Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools Park. Adrenaline filled canoe safaris on this part of the Zambezi are as spectacular as they are dangerous, as the river is fraught with dangerous hippos and crocodiles. Game viewing in the background of rushing water, breathtaking vegetation and wild game is exceptional.

    SHIWA NG’ANDU – Lake of the Royal Crocodile

    Deep in the remote heart of northern Zambian lies Shiwa Ng’andu, a majestic home built in the wilderness by a remarkable man over 80 years ago. Several years ago, this remarkable house and estate of Sir Stewart Gore-Browne and his wife Lorna, and later their eldest daughter and family, was on the brink on collapse.

    In November of 1999, Charles Harvey, the eldest grandson of Sir Stewart, and his wife Jo and children Tom and Emma, bought the house and estate from other family members and its revival and future now rests in their hands. This site will serve as a base for many, many people over the world, who wish to visit Shiwa, learn some of its history, browse its archives and witness the restoration of this wonderful “ corner of the world above all other “ that smiled upon Gore-Browne as it now smiles on his descendants

    Visiting Shiwa: Shiwa House is open to both day visitors and resident house guests. At present the house can accommodate 4 -5 couples with en-suite bathrooms. All rooms are simple with original hardwood furnishings and paintings.

    Shiwa lies just north of Mpika on the west side of North Luangwa National Park. It’s easiest reached by charter flight when visiting Luangwa area. A wonderful book about it called Africa House by Christina Lamb is available at Amazon.


    Lechwe Plains’ location midway between Livingstone and Lusaka was an state with a genuine history as an “Out of Africa” colonial cattle ranch and farm. Bequeathed to the nation in 1904, the old colonial farmhouse still stands, under a preservation order. But Lochinvar’s huge swath of unique wetland and floodplain savanna was returned to its wild state. Today it is a World Heritage Wetland Site. Situated on the Kafue River floodplain, the Park is now the last stronghold of the Kafue Lechwe, an aquatic antelope of extraordinary grace.

    The exotic and beautiful Lechwe Plains Tented Camp is an African fantasy under canvas. The tented lodge, built onto teak decking, shelters under a mature grove of acacia trees on the edge of the wide Chunga Lagoon. Just six double units cater for a maximum of 12 guests at any one time, making this a tranquil hideaway far from the main safari circuits.

    The close-up experience of living in the same environment as the wildlife offers a new perspective to the visitor. Peace and beauty together with ever-changing waterscapes will offer opportunities for special interest groups and individual visitors alike. Guests will have the undivided attention of the hosts and staff, including a competent ornithologist and guide.

    BANGWEULU SWAMP Game Management Area

    The remarkably remote Bangweulu Lake and its surrounding swamps are a watery paradise of unique vegetation, wildlife and birdlife. The great explorer Dr. Livingstone died here in 1873. The swamps and reed islands are perhaps best known as the home of the rare Shoebill Stork. The abundant waterbird population includes Spur Winged Goose, Sacred and Glossy Ibis, Black Crowned Night Heron, bee-eaters, fly-catchers and the Saddle-billed Stork. The elegant and elusive Black Lechwe antelope dotting the wetlands add to the wild game in the plains.


    15-DAY CLASSIC ZAMBIA SAFARI: Lower Zambezi, South Luangwa, Kafue and Livingstone/Victoria Falls

    Zambian Safari for Couples: Four friends designed this trip with an emphasis on diversity of wildlife, range of activities and quality of the intimate, authentic safari camps. The luxury accommodations offered excellent cuisine and service, and the photographic opportunities were top notch: great density of wildlife and superb guides.

    Day 1 – Arrive in Lusaka, Private charter to Lower Zambezi, Sausage Tree Camp (3 nights)
    Day 2-3 – Safari activities in Lower Zambezi from Sausage Tree Camp
    Day 4 – Private charter to South Luangwa, Transfer to Chamilandu Camp (2 nights)
    Day 5 – Safari activities in southern sector of South Luangwa from Chamilandu Camp
    Day 6 – Road transfer/game drive (about 3 hours) to Kaingo Camp (3 nights)
    Day 7-8 – Safari activities in northern sector of South Luangwa from Kaingo Camp
    Day 9 – Road transfer/game drive (about 1.5 hours) Chinzombo Camp (2 nights)
    Day 10 – Safari activities in central sector of South Luangwa from Chinzombo Camp
    Day 11 – Transfer to Mfuwe, Scheduled flight (via Lusaka) to Kafue, Shumba Camp (3 nights)
    Day 12-13 – Safari activities in Busanga Plains from Shumba Camp
    Day 14 – Scheduled flight via Lusaka to Livingstone, Transfer to Tongabezi Lodge (2 nights)
    Day 15 – Activities in Livingstone and Victoria Falls from Tongabezi Lodge
    Day 16 – Transfer to Livingstone Airport for international departure

    Review the full itinerary here.

    18 DAY CUSTOM ZAMBIA WILDLIFE SAFARI with Specialist Guide Allen Bechky

    A comprehensive luxury safari combining the best of remote and intimate lodges and camps. A comprehensive visit to the Lower Zambezi, Kafue, Luangwa Valley and Lusaka. Charter flights link all the camps. In Kafue stay at Shumba Camp. In Luangwa enjoy charming and remote Kaingo Camp. Expert professional guides lead all segments of the wildlife activities.


    Day 1             Arrive in Johannesburg, AtholPlace Hotel (2 nts)
    Day 2           At leisure in Johannesburg, AtholPlace
    Day 3        Scheduled flight to Lusaka, meet Allen Bechky, Latitude 15 Hotel (1 nt)
    Day 4           Scheduled flight to Lower Zambezi, transfer to Chiawa Camp (3 nts)
    Day 5-6        Activities in Lower Zambezi, overnights at Chiawa Camp
    Day 7            Charter/scheduled light air transfer to Kafue via Lusaka, transfer to Shumba Camp (3 nts)
    Day 8-9        Activities in Busanga Plains, Kafue; overnights at Shumba Camp
    Day 10           Light air & scheduled flights to Mfuwe (via Lusaka), transfer to Tena Tena Camp (3 nts)
    Day 11-12        Activities in South Luangwa, overnights at Tena Tena Camp
    Day 13             Game drive transfer to Kaingo Camp (4 nts)
    Day 14-16        Activities in South Luangwa, overnights at Kaingo Camp
    Day 17             Scheduled flight to Lusaka, transfer to Latitude 15 Hotel (1 nt)
    Day 18            Departure via Johannesburg

    Review the full itinerary here.


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