Travelers - Couple

Style - Adventurous

Destinations - Zambia

Accommodations - Bush Camp

Budget - around $10,000 per person

Duration - Less than 10 nights

Month - June

Gateway - Lusaka


Zambia is one of those destinations that feels like a perennial secret, but anyone who goes just wants to go back and explore a little deeper. Zambia boasts a variety of contrasting national parks that can exceed the expectations of a first-timer and be endlessly rewarding for a returning safari enthusiast. While many camps can feel overly luxurious these days, Zambia is home to a number of exceptional bush camps that have a classic, old-Africa ambiance.

Set on a palm island in the northern part of the Busanga Plains, you begin your safari at Busanga Camp. This area is one of the few places a cheetah may be spotted in Zambia! Next you move along along to South Luangwa, home of the walking safaris. You’ll stay at the family operated Tafika Camp which is situated on a bend in the river. Here, you’ll enjoy excellent guiding as well as big game sightings (especially leopards). You’ll have a grand finish in the Lower Zambezi at Chongwe River Camp, where you’l indulge in some water-based activities, a nice contrast to the usual driving and walking activities.

Itinerary in Brief

Day 1: Charter Flight from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport to Busanga Airstrip, transfer to Busanga Bush Camp for 3 nights on a fully inclusive basis

Day 2 & 3: Two full days to explore Kafue National Park with game drives and boating activities. A hot air balloon safari can be pre-booked and settled direct, if desired

Day 4: Charter back to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, scheduled flight to Mfuwe Airport, transfer to Tafika Camp for 3 nights on a fully inclusive basis

Day 5 & 6: Two full days to enjoy South Luangwa National Park with walking safaris and game drives

Day 7: Transfer to Mfuwe Airport, flight to Royal Airstrip, transfer to Time + Tide Chongwe River Camp for 3 nights on a fully inclusive basis

Day 8 & 9: Two full days in the Lower Zambezi with game drives, walking safaris, water-based activities and cultural excursions

Day 10: Transfer to Royal Airstrip and board charter flight to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport

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