Travelers - Family

Style - Adventurous

Destinations - Botswana

Accommodations - Bush Camp, Safari Lodge

Budget - around $10,000 per person

Duration - 10-14 nights

Month - December

Gateway - Maun


This end-of-the-year holiday family trip took advantage of the best wildlife viewing opportunities that the Botswana summer (green) season has to offer. We complied some of our favorite experiences for families throughout their itinerary.

We started them off in Mashatu which is renowned for its elephant viewing, which is always a hit with kids. The camp we set them in has a fascinating and compelling feature known as the Discovery Room, a favorite amongst adults and children! After Mashatu, we chartered  the family up to the Okavango Delta so they could enjoy some water activities near the pretty scenery. Their camp is great for family accommodations as it contains fun amenities such as a big swing over a pool. Their last destination was the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, a gathering of enormous salt pans that make up the northern part of the Kalahari Desert. Here they enjoyed unique culture excursions and wildlife encounters as they were able to meet the San people (bushmen) and the cheeky, habituated meerkats, a continual source of amusement and a regular entertainment at their camp.

Without a doubt, this family got to experience three very different parts of Botswana. From the unusual topography and rocky vistas of Mashatu, to the lush landscape filled with palm trees and an inland water system of the Okavango Delta, to the expansive and flat salt pans of the Kalahari Dessert, we made sure this family enjoyed all that there is to Botswana’s green season.

Itinerary in Brief

  • 22 Dec: Arrive in Johannesburg, meet & greet then transfer to the Hotel (1 nt)
  • 23 Dec: Fly to Polokwane, transfer to the Tuli Block of Southern Botswana, check in to lodge(3 nts)
  • 24-25 Dec: Two full days for wildlife viewing activities and an educational visit to the Discovery Room
  • 26 Dec: Transfer to airstrip, fly to Johannesburg, overnight at Hotel (1 nt)
  • 27 Dec: Regional flight to Maun, light aircraft to the Okavango Delta, transfer to Camp (3 nts)
  • 28-29 Dec: Two full days to explore the Delta with game drives and water-based (level-permitting) activities
  • 30 Dec: Return to the airstrip, fly to the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, check in to Camp (2 nts)
  • 31 Dec: One full day to enjoy the rare wildlife found in this savannah like the habituated meerkats and black-maned lions
  • 01 Jan: Transfer to airstrip, aircraft to Maun, regional flight to Johannesburg, connect with international departure flight

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