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Kili McGowan was born in Berkeley, CA to a family of pioneers and adventurers. Her father, Richard McGowan, was a renowned American mountaineer, guide, explorer and entrepreneur, and her Canadian mother, Louise, grew up on the frontier of northern British Columbia.

Named for Kilimanjaro, Kili went on her first safari in Kenya and Tanzania when she was just a year old. As a five-year-old, Kili’s fluency in French helped defuse a tense situation near the border with Equatorial Guinea when she was able to interpret for her dad! She has traveled extensively in remote areas of the world from the Sahara to the Himalayas and joined her family’s specialty African safari business, Next Adventure, in 2005.

As a result of her travel experience, knowledge and passion for Africa’s wild places, wildlife and cultures, Kili is one of the youngest Africa specialists and entrepreneurs in the industry, handling customized safari arrangements that often include special experiences such as gorilla tracking, camel-supported walking and birding safaris.

Having graduated from UC Berkeley, with degrees in both Biology and Anthropology, Kili continues to pursue her interests in travel, wildlife, evolution, archaeology and particularly photography. In recent years, she has traveled widely in Western Europe and Southern, East and North Africa both independently and as a safari escort and translator.

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Kili McGowan is widely considered to be one of the most knowledgeable safari specialists in North America. She “grew up” on safari and continues to lead exclusive departures and personally travel throughout Africa multiple times a year.

Kili has extensive experience in more than 13 countries in which Next Adventure currently operates. Below is a small selection of her trip reports and photography.

Kili's Trip Reports

Kili's First Adventures

For people who love to travel, the covid pandemic grounded us literally and figuratively, and it’s given us an opportunity […]

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Big Reveal! Kili's Secret Safari of Surprises

About 2 years ago, a group of travel-giddy friends put their safari planning in Kili’s hand’s for a Secret Safari. […]

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Kili's Return to Rwanda - Gorillas & More!

Kili returned to Rwanda to find a country that has made tremendous progress toward its goal of being one of […]

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On Location in Kenya with Parts Unknown

In March 2018, Kili McGowan, Next Adventure’s Managing Director, accompanied the Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown crew during their time on Lewa […]

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Kili visits King Lewanika Camp

In May of 2017, Kili was invited to join the first group of guests to experience the new King Lewanika […]

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Kili & The Snoring Rhinoceros

In the quiet pre-dawn, our small group huddled together around the tea and coffee that the camp staff had so […]

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A Crash of Buffalo on the Serengeti

Sorting through the Serengeti

With so many truly spectacular natural wonders within relatively close proximity, it’s no surprise the Northern Circuit and Tanzania’s Serengeti plains […]

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Ele eating in the crater

Tanzania’s Northern Circuit Shines

With so many truly spectacular natural wonders within relatively close proximity, it’s no surprise Tanzania’s Northern Circuit and vast Serengeti plains […]

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Let Zim be your guide

Zimbabwe has long been a favorite destination for us at Next Adventure. I was first there as a two year […]

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