Kelly Dellinger – Director of Business Development

Kelly graduated with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Biology from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC. While in college, Kelly attended the National Outdoor Leadership School’s Fall Semester in the Rockies. This introduction to true outdoor adventure shaped the future direction of Kelly’s life, as she chose to make the West her permanent home, living and playing in Boulder, CO.

Kelly started working in the travel industry in 1996 and has been fortunate to travel to many corners of the world, but Africa is the continent that has captured her heart most fully. In all of her travels, the African safari experience has consistently expanded Kelly’s perspective in a profound way, facilitating a stronger sense of connection to the natural world and to humanity. Kelly feels that traveling on safari has allowed her to witness the world in a pristine state, where natural order prevails and to engage authentically with local people. She has been humbled by these immersive wildlife and cultural experiences and feels strongly that a carefully designed safari in Africa offers the opportunity to open your heart, enhance your feeling of connection and shift your worldview in a unique way that no other travel experience can.

Kelly brings over 20 years of experience in the travel industry with her to Next Adventure and specializes in designing customized wildlife safaris for individuals, families, conservation organizations, corporations, alumni travel programs and vacation membership clubs. In her free time Kelly can be found practicing yoga, hiking, gardening, cooking, camping, skiing, cross-country skiing, seeing live music, closing down the occasional dance floor and laughing a lot while spending quality time with family, friends and her enormous and adorable “down comforter on legs” of a dog, Daisy.

In addition to extensive conservation-focused travel in Africa, Kelly has explored many corners of the world ranging from the Galapagos Islands and Machu Picchu to visiting the ancient wonders of Egypt, backpacking through the wilds of Patagonia and trekking in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco, exploring the stunning wilderness of Southeast Alaska, hanging out on foot with the enormous grizzlies of Katmai National Park, attending the Maha Kumbh Mela (the world’s largest religious festival), glimpsing the elusive tiger and Asian rhinos in India, sailing to Antarctica aboard a 75-foot sailboat and practicing yoga in Bhutan while hiking to ancient monasteries reverberating with the peaceful energy of years of the dedicated and selfless practice of Buddhist monks sending compassion and kindness out into the world.

Kelly would be honored to design your Next Adventure. Feel free to call or email her directly to brainstorm together! Email Kelly direct:

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