For centuries the Maasai have practiced a traditional rite of passage to manhood, hunting and killing lions. In 2012, a group of Maasai Elders organized the first Maasai Olympics as a more sustainable practice: Every two years Maasai men and women gather in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro for the Maasai Olympics; a unique combination of conservation and sport, the event features bouts of athletic endurance, skill, and strategy all with a clear goal in mind…the conservation of lions.

This bi-annual event is the culmination of two years of smaller, regional gatherings where Maasai Warriors compete in athletic events and learn about the value of protecting their environment through conservation education activities. The goal is to celebrate Maasai tradition and encourage conservation at a local level. This is why the Maasai Olympics was created…to celebrate heroes without killing lions.

Maasai Olympics Safari Onesheet