Nomad Tanzania Trust

Nomad was founded on the belief that in order to make a meaningful contribution to the conservation of wildlife, the people must be taken care of, making sure that it is them that feel the benefit of keeping wild places safe.

Nomad make use of their reach and logistics; planes, cars, camps and teams, to reach deep into some of the most remote parts of Tanzania with health and education outreach. Nomad donates safaris to auctions to raise funds, all of the proceeds from the camp shops goes to our projects, and all of this is managed by a full time CSR Manager and supported by the camp teams

As a community who love Africa’s wilderness, we must urgently turn our attention to the pressing issues facing our National Parks, wildlife, and remote communities. We need your help to make sure we have a wilderness for us to return to when this is all over. We all have a responsibility to look after it, as well as the people whose lives are so intertwined with its protection.




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