Mashatu is located in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve of Botswana which shares unfenced borders with national parks in Zimbabwe and South Africa including the Mapungubwe National Park, a World Heritage Site. This vast area forms part of a cross boundary wildlife conservation area protecting the substantial biodiversity of fauna and flora in this region.
Mashatu Lodge is an oasis among the undulating and seemingly endless plains of the wild. 14 luxury suites lie along the camp’s perimeter and are designed to allow absolute privacy and a communion with the bush and its inhabitants. Watch elephants splashing at the waterhole, listen to the lyrical melody of the woodlands kingfisher on a branch overhead, smell the grassy scent of the bushveld, touch the bark of an ancient tree and inhale a breath of air so pure, it’s intoxicating.
Part of the charm is the exclusive adventure safaris which, over and above the vehicle safaris, feature horse-back safaris, cycling safaris and walks in the wild. Photographic hides add an aspect to the adventure safari, which is unique and thrilling to professional photographers or lovers of wildlife. These added adventures are guaranteed to bring visitors into intimate contact with the remarkable wilderness found at Mashatu.

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