Jerry & Patty’s South Africa Safari

Jerry & Patty along with friends Florence and Frank just got back from their trip to South Africa which included time in the Sabi Sands near Kruger National Park, Tswalu Kalahari Reserve and the Cape Winelands.

In short, we had a really excellent trip.  All the facilities were great, the game viewing fantastic, the Johannesburg and Cape Town  experiences memorable, the winelands fantastic. The Johannesburg and Cape Town guides were especially good.

Happily, we had some really good luck on the trip.  We got to Table Mountain first thing on the first morning we were there, and after an hour we were set to leave, and the cloud came over at just that moment.  The cable car was closed from that point on for the rest of our stay due to the cloud and wind! At Tswalu, we were able to see a buffalo repositioning (only day in the year that this occurred) and some rhino marking (only happens during a three day period once each year.)

Also at Tswalu we saw the reintroduction of the African Wild Dog.  Apparently a number of years ago the lions ate all the wild dogs on the preserve, and on the day we were leaving a group of 14 dogs were flown in from another preserve to begin the process of acclimitization.  This was a big event  for Tswalu.  Also, we were in Cape Town the same time as President Obama which led to some interesting discussions.  The weather was perfect the entire time.  So all in all we were very fortunate.

As we reflect further on the trip, I may be able to provide some more helpful comments, but for the moment all our thoughts are nothing but positive.  The only real issue is finding that good South African wine really needs some aging and really shouldn’t be consumed right away after purchase, thus delaying the pleasure of drinking it!

In planning the perfect trip, there are only so many requests we can make for good weather. So glad the fog on Table Mountain got the message.

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