Il Ngwesi Conservancy

Neighboring Lewa, Borana and Lekurruki, Il Ngwesi covers 16,500 hectares and is home to the Il Lakipiak Maasai – ‘people of wildlife’. Truly special, this award winning enterprise combines eco-tourism with sustainable environmental management and community development.

Profits from the lodge, donations from well-wishers and partnerships with local and international NGOs all support a range of community projects while at the same time ensure that the environment is managed sustainably. The model helps to foster communities that value wildlife and see purpose in acting as custodians of the land. Crucially, Il Ngwesi is one of 33 conservancies that are supported by the Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) and that collectively cover 440,000 square kilometers. As well as providing a large and secure environment for wildlife populations to live and migrate to and from, the NRT supports communities to develop and benefit from tourism.

This managed land mass is particularly important for the conservation of endangered species including the African Lion, African Wild Dog, and African Elephant as well as some species found only in northern Kenya such as the Grevy Zebra.

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