Safaris five years from now

25 years ago, when Next Adventure started offering custom, personalized safaris in Africa, it was considered an exotic niche experience for keen photographers, passionate birders and intrepid travelers. The entry requirements were complex, the standards of hospitality and guiding were inconsistent and there was virtually no glossy marketing photos or videos. 

Today, from the biggest celebrities to the royal family, safaris are celebrated as the pinnacle of luxury and adventure travel but still out-of-reach or off-the-radar for many. As popular destinations face damaging overtourism, particularly during narrow peak seasons, rates have sky-rocketed, and more brands are focusing on the ultra-high end of the luxury market.


Here at Next Adventure, we believe in the power of tourism to be a positive force in the lives of travelers as well as those communities who host, guide and care for us during our travels. With thoughtful choices and deliberate actions, sustainable ecotourism contributes to the protection of a wider footprint of wilderness as well as to the benefit of more remote communities who live with wildlife. 


5 ways safaris should change over the next 5 years

  • Greater representation of local communities in the ownership and management of tourism entities
    • Next Adventure supports sustainable ecotourism by promoting the most reputable operators as well as camps, lodges and conservancies that are owned, operated and managed by local communities. 


  • More awareness of safaris as an accessible and repeatable international travel option 
    • Next Adventure never talks about safaris as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you love nature and the outdoors, if you love animals, wildlife and adventure, there is a lifetime of experiences to be had on safari in Africa.


  • Increase in mid-career travelers, families and multi-generational groups
    • Next Adventure meets travelers where they are in their life, and we help find the safari that is right for them. We aren’t squeezing you into a scheduled trip or selling seats on predetermined itineraries.


  • Expanded safari calendar with more travel during green and shoulder season
    • Overtourism is a real concern in sensitive ecosystems. With all the focus on popular peak season safaris, Next Adventure celebrates more sustainable options that take pressure off of iconic destinations while also extending the benefits of tourism to more communities.


  • Progress in emerging destinations like Angola, Chad, Malawi and Mozambique
    • Prior to the pandemic, Next Adventure was excited to see good quality safaris developing in new areas. It takes a reliable pipeline of local talent, investments in infrastructure and robust market demand to make these destinations a success, and we’re looking for travelers who are ready to take the plunge.


Increasingly, the conservation of wild places and the livelihoods of remote communities rely on tourism, and one of the challenges ahead is how to grow ecotourism in a responsible and sustainable manner. Hopefully, we can inspire the next generation of international adventure travelers to love and explore the wilderness and consider more unique safari experiences.



Here’s our Top 10 Safaris for Every Kind of Traveler

The Wide World of Safaris

Through the Next Adventure Lens

One of Next Adventure’s most rewarding pandemic projects was examining our data from the last five years on a bednight basis (per person/per night), looking at exactly where and how our clients travel and who we are as a company.

Here are a few interesting data points from one safari specialist providing creative custom itineraries with a focus on responsible operators and excellent value.



How do our clients travel

Over the last 5 years, Next Adventure designed custom safaris ranging from $300 to $3000+ per person per night for clients traveling to:

    • 12 countries in East & Southern Africa
    • 108 different wilderness areas (national parks, reserves & conservancies)
    • 458 unique accommodations (hotels, resorts, camps & lodges)

By far, our clients spent the most time in the Okavango Delta and the Masai Mara. Both areas are well-known for having a remarkable density of charismatic megafauna, and they both offer a mix of national parks and private concessions to suit a range of budgets, activities and accommodation styles. 

June and July are the most popular months for our clients to go on safari, coinciding with school breaks and the beginning of peak season when safari camps are full and rates are at their highest.

February, March and April are the least popular months which is our biggest opportunity to expand the safari calendar and take advantage of Green and Shoulder season specials. These months can be magical, and there are great values to be had.

sabuk sundowners kenya safari


Only 2 camp operators earn more than a 5% share of the bednights we book. The rest of our bednights are split over dozens of reputable portfolios and independent camp and lodge operators which speaks to our commitment to craft truly personal safaris for each client.

Of our top 5 local partners, we’ve been working with 4 of them for more than 20 years. The 5th, we’ve been working with for more than 10. These are the people we trust who will meet you on arrival, monitor your travels locally and respond directly to any concern, delay or interruption while you’re on safari.


Notable trends by country

  • While Botswana is known for having the most expensive safari camps on average, it is also home to what we consider the most affordable and best value safari.
  • South Africa sees our highest percentage of bednights at Premier level camps which is what South Africa does best: luxury, wine and wildlife.
  • Zimbabwe offers excellent overall value with the highest percentage of bednights at Traditional level camps, a great diversity of landscapes, mixed activities and a reputation for high quality guides.
  • Tanzania and Kenya often feature in single-country itineraries with direct international air access, iconic safaris & pristine beaches.
  • Namibia and Rwanda have seen the most growth in terms of insta-popularity and new luxury options, but they tend not to be on the list for first-time safaris. 
  • Uganda and Zambia remain under-the-radar, hidden gems that most of our clients visit on short extensions (primate trekking or Vic Falls, respectively), but they make for exciting single-country itineraries with great value at the Classic level and truly unique circuits.


While some companies follow market(ing) trends and high-profile bucket lists, we like to inspire our clients and use our expertise to design unique personal itineraries. When there are so many kinds of safari, what kind of safari is right for you?


Here’s our top 10 safaris for every kind of traveler

Kili’s First Adventures

For people who love to travel, the covid pandemic grounded us literally and figuratively, and it’s given us an opportunity to revisit and appreciate some of our favorite travel moments. Any type of travel is an investment in an experience, and we believe the memories made on safari are particularly vivid for years to come.
As we think about how international travel will be changed by the pandemic, we’re reminded of our early days visiting Africa. Not only was the experience much less luxurious, the entry requirements were complicated, there were more required vaccines and immunizations, and moving around was much less efficient and straightforward.
Travelers had to be more intrepid, but, with good advice and great partners on the ground, we could find a way. Next Adventure founders Dick and Louise McGowan certainly found a way, and they took their daughter, Next Adventure’s current CEO Kili McGowan along for the ride.
We hope you enjoy these images of Kili’s first adventures, and we hope you’re inspired to get out there and make some memories when the time is right for you.

Learn More About Our Story

Morukuru Family De Hoop - Sunrise on the beach.jpg

Coastal Adventures in South Africa

Kruger & Cape Town are a popular combination, but South Africa has much more to offer with an abundance of Big 5 reserves like Madikwe, Marataba and Kwandwe and extraordinary art, food and wine touring.

One area we love to visit is the Cape Whale Coast & Floral Kingdom where you can hike among incredible wildflowers, go sand boarding or fat biking on the dunes, spend the day tide-pooling or whale watching from your bed…

Here are a few spectacular lodges from which you can play, explore and experience more of South Africa’s stunning Cape region…

Lekkerwater Beach Lodge

Morukuru Beach Lodge

Grootbos Forest Lodge

De Hoop Collection

Scouting India’s Best Wildlife Safaris

India_sm-23Over the last few years, Next Adventure has arranged a handful of tiger safaris in India, but it wasn’t until this March that I finally found time to do a proper scouting trip to India’s most renowned tiger safari destinations. Now, we’re excited to offer custom safari arrangements with a trusted local partner based on our personal firsthand experience: the same combination that works so well for us in Africa.

As a child, I spent a lot of time in India with my parents, so I started my trip visiting old family friends in Delhi and taking a short trip up to Rishikesh near the mythological source of the sacred Ganga (Ganges River). Brief aside: Rishikesh played a pivotal role in popular culture when The Beatles visited in 1968, and it was advertised for years as the “Home of the Beatless”. Balancing traditional Indian experiences like seeing an Aarthi ceremony from an ashram with adventure activities like white-water rafting, I found these days in Rishikesh to be an excellent beginning to my reunion with India.

The core of my time in India was spent in the national parks of the central Indian state, Madhya Pradesh. I was amazed to see nearly everything from my wish-list (4 tigers, 3 leopards, wild dogs, many kinds of deer, etc) as well as over 90 species of bird. But I was also hooked and can’t wait to get back in search of more tigers and the elusive sloth bear and just to experience again the ambiance of the Indian jungle full of the call of wild peacocks and the guttural roar of tigers.

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Kili’s Look at Namibia’s Skeleton Coast

SkeletonCoast_sm-202The Skeleton Coast has an evocative, enigmatic name that sounds like a place one “has” to visit.

In practical terms, the Skeleton Coast refers to the northern stretch of Namibia’s Coastline — where the Atlantic Ocean meets a “sea” of sand dunes from the Namib Desert under a cover of dense fog rising from the cool ocean currents. The name is, surprisingly, quite recent and refers to the many shipwrecks that litter the inhospitable coast. It remains one of the most remote and pristine areas of the world.

Departing from Namibia’s charming capital city, Windhoek, I took a light aircraft transfer about 2.5 hours to the area. The beautiful new Hoanib Camp, which opened last year, is located in a valley close to the ephemeral riverbed of the Hoanib River, just 3km from Skeleton Coast National Park.

We began at sunrise with a game drive along the floodplains where we saw lots of desert-adapted elephants and giraffes. We crossed a beautiful dune field and saw a small group of oryx at an oasis as well as a solitary oryx on the dunes. Arriving at the rocky, foggy coast made an incredible finale to the day — a vast untouched coastline, a mangled shipwreck, a lively seal colony and a funky little museum at Mowe Bay. We flew back along the route we’d driven, which offered an excellent perspective and stunning photo opportunities.

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View from an Elephant Hide near Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park

Join Kili’s exclusive Insider’s Safari to Zimbabwe

Canoeing through Zimbabwe's Mana Pools

Canoeing through Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools

In celebration of my 10-year anniversary as Managing Director of Next Adventure, I decided to return to my roots. When we were founded in 1996, nearly 90% of our business was to Zimbabwe as it experienced a golden age.

As an 18 year-old, I spent months exploring Zim after my father bought me a one-way ticket to Harare. If Kenya was the first love from my childhood, then Zimbabwe was the first love of my adult life. I’m excited to take a small group of travelers there this November to see first-hand the safari renaissance there.

Click to view a PDF of our exclusive Insider’s Safari to Zimbabwe Itinerary.

We pride ourselves on expanding travelers’ horizons and ensuring our safaris go beyond the must-dos that everyone else knows about. That’s why we’re called Next Adventure. Zimbabwe boasts many key features that we find essential:

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Western lowland Gorilla - Photo by Kili McGowan

Kili’s Expedition Safari to the Republic of Congo

In September, Kili led 9 clients on an exclusive 6-day gorilla-tracking safari to the Republic of Congo. This special journey through the mysterious central African rainforest included two opportunities to track habituated Western Lowland Gorilla, boating on the Lekoli River, walking in Lango Bai, exploring forest trails and savannah fringe. View the full safari itinerary here.

The Lango and Ngaga Camps are spectacular, and the dense vegetative environment lent itself to some stunning macro-photography.

Click any thumbnail to enter the gallery.

See Kili’s full gallery here.


Flying over Sossusvlei, Namibia - Photo by Kili McGowan

Photos from Kili’s group trip to Namibia

This past September Kili led her first safari to Namibia. Read our 5 reasons for loving this spectacular destination.

Here’s the itinerary in brief:
Day 1 Arrival in Windhoek, The Olive Exclusive All-Suite Hotel
Day 2 & 3 Fly to Sossusvlei Desert Lodge, NamibRand Nature Reserve
Day 4 & 5 Fly to Mowani Mountain Camp, Damaraland
Day 6 & 7 Drive to Ongava Lodge, Southern Etosha National Park Boundary
Day 8 Drive to Okonjima Villa, AfriCat Foundation
Day 9 Drive to Windhoek, The Olive All-Suite Hotel
Day 10 Depart from Windhoek International Airport

Click any thumbnail to enter gallery.

See Kili’s full gallery of photos here.

Flying over the Okavango Delta

Jeremy’s Botswana Camping Safari

Spending nine days in the bush, camping & traveling through Botswana’s most spectacular parks, encountering wildlife, dining & sleeping under the stars listening to the hippos jostle and the lions roar, all without having to cook a single meal or pop a tent or worry about a single thing other than keeping your camera charged!

It is beyond words.

Starting with a light aircraft flight into the Xaxanaka region of the Moremi Reserve for two nights, we went on to a camp near the Khwai River. After a five hour bumpy, sandy drive through the Mababe Depression, we were met by a few elephants checking out our campsite in Savuti. Then we continued on to the Chobe River, and finally ended up in Livingstone, Zambia for a hot hotel shower and a drenching at the edge of Victoria Falls.

Here is the full itinerary.

So many thanks to my traveling partners and the wonderful team, Mike, Bafana and Talu from Wilderness Dawning.

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Entering the Virungas Mountains

Jeremy’s Rwanda Gorilla Experience

Rwanda is so many things, and my time there was magical. Here’s the first video from my visit, starting with the gorilla tracking experience. I did two treks: first to the Susa group, and then to the Hirwa group.

The Susa trek was nearly a two hour climb into the misty highland. It is the largest tourist-accessible group with multiple silverbacks, some young babies and a rare set of twins, and it is one of the original groups studied by Diane Fossey. The hike was exhausting and my legs were shaky with fatigue, but it was so rewarding to spend an hour observing the young gorillas tumbling around.

Hirwa Family Tree

Hirwa Family Tree

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Fig the Leopard - Olare Motorogi Conservancy - Kenya

Kili’s Kenya Safari – October 2013 – Trip Report

After a few days of meetings in Nairobi and a stay at the lovely new Hemingways Hotel, my Kenyan safari began with a flight past Mt Kenya to the Northern Laikipia Plateau. Here, I spent 2 nights at Sabuk Lodge perched on a cliff overlooking the Ewaso Nyiro River. This privately-owned lodge remains a family home run by the entertaining owner, Verity, who hosts all the meals regaling with stories of her rich history in the safari industry. Verity coordinates each guest’s schedule with unique adventure activities such as walking or hiking excursions and Masai-guided camel safaris with stunning views of the Laikipia plains, Mount Kenya, the Karisa Hills and the Mathews Mountains in the North.

For me, the real highlight was a surprise breakfast out in the bush after we had just walked past a breeding herd of female elephants and their young. I also really enjoyed jumping into the Ewaso Nyiro River for a refreshing swim in the heat of the day and can’t wait to return to do a longer overnight walking safari sleeping out with a simple mosquito net under the stars!

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namibia kunene river valley

Busy Week at Next Adventure

three outgoing itineraries

Busy week!

While Co-Founder Louise is out & about on a 27-day trek in Northern India, we’ve been busy bees putting the finishing touches on three very exciting and very different itineraries:

namibia kunene river valley

Kunene River Valley – Namibia

Namibia – 10 days in Namibia for some of our most enthusiastic clients, The Clarks (WooHoo!) whose daughter has caught the Africa bug and works with World Camp in Malawi.

They’ll be meeting in Windhoek for a safari that takes them to Southern Etosha National Park, Mowani Mountain Camp and NamibRand Nature Reserve. Namibia  is one of the most unique destinations in the world: vast and ancient with an incredible diversity of wildlife and ecosystem.

desert and delta botswana safari map

Botswana Safari destinations

Botswana – Starting from Cape Town and finishing up at Vic Falls, this custom 14-day trip is a great value with visits to all of Botswana’s major destinations including Chobe National Park, Moremi Game Reserve, and Makgadikgadi National Park.

We worked very closely with our partners Africa Pass and Desert & Delta to turn this trip around from initial inquiry to confirmed itinerary in less than SEVEN days!

aerial zanzibar tanzania

Flying over Zanzibar

Tanzania & Zanzibar – A very special 12-day honeymoon through Tanzania’s classic Northern Circuit including Tarangire, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, with a final stop on the spice island paradise of Zanzibar, a bright tapestry of Arab, African and Swahili culture with remarkable beaches and a World Heritage Site for a capital.

Stone Town offers a labyrinth of winding lanes and ancient stone houses, Arabian arches and heavy carved wooden doors and a fascinating selection of bazaars, curio shops, art galleries and spice troves.

That’s just a little bit of what we’ve been working on.

Get in touch so we can start working on your Next Adventure…

Richard’s Climbing Legacy

Every once in a while, my father’s (Richard E. McGowan) climbing legacy pops up in unexpected ways.
A long-time friend mailed us a copy of the latest Eddie Bauer sporting equipment catalog. The article inside the cover chronicles 20th Pacific Northwest mountaineering and my father, with his younger nickname Dick, was mentioned twice!

Have a look a PDF of the article: Richard in Eddie Bauer

Here’s a photograph from 1952 King’s Peak Yukon Expedition mentioned in the above article.
Richard, only 20 years old at the time, is the one holding the American flag.

I feel grateful for the reminder that his discipline and passion led him to great places throughout his lifetime.

I have inherited a lot of my father’s passions; at age 20, I was stomping around Zimbabwe and Botswana on overland mobile safaris.

It is such a great honor to carry on my father’s business planning extraordinary journeys for the best clients in the world!

Have a great weekend, everyone!




Okavango Delta, by Louise McGowan

The channel was clear amber in near-dusk.
I saw a kingfisher alight, black
and white, on a papyrus stalk.

And as the kingfisher darted, a soft spray
of pale pollen floated down.  I was
hushed then.  And heard

the bird chitter.  As darkness came, rowing,
the channel was a blue-black
slash in autumn night.

Pied Kingfisher Okavango Delta Botswana

Pied Kingfisher, Okavango Delta Botswana
By Kili McGowan












Welcome to Next Adventure’s New Website!

We are thrilled to be launching a new website showcasing our personalized safari itineraries highlighted our own photographs.

We hope you enjoy browsing and gathering ideas for your first (or fifth!) safari. Please give us a call at 800.562.7298 to get a free personal consultation and we’ll get started in hand-crafting an itinerary to give you an intimate view of the African wildlife and wilderness we know & love.

Selinda Canoe Trail Hippo Encounter

Selinda Canoe Trail Hippo Encounter






Slideshow Itineraries

Next Adventure provides custom arrangements for the finest photographic wildlife safaris found in Africa. Each itinerary below offers just one example of how your next safari could unfold.

Drawing on decades of personal safari experience, this selection peeks at only a few of our favorite regions and destinations. To learn more about costs & other options click here.

Botswana – 11-day Luxury Safari & Tour – Livingstone/Vic Falls, Okavango Delta, Kalahari

South Africa – 14-Day Custom Safari & Tour – Sabi Sands, Kalahari & Cape Town

Kenya – 18-Day Luxury Safari- Kenya, Rwanda & Zanzibar

Namibia- 10-Day Luxury Fly-in & Guided Overland Safari- Sossusvlei, Damaraland, Etosha, AfriCat

Primate Tracking Safaris – Mountain Gorilla, Western lowland Gorilla & Chimpanzee

Abbreviated Sample Itineraries and Detailed Dossier PDFs

Okavango Magic: Botswana & Victoria Falls

Okavango SunsetKili’s favorite country is Botswana: the lush paradise of the Okavango Delta contrasts exquisitely with the stark silence of the Kalahari Desert and yet both are full of wildlife and birdlife. Botswana’s low-volume/high-revenue tourism policy and stable democracy have made it a shining star for sustainable tourism while ensuring that visitors have a exclusive wilderness experience.

For full details, please view our Botswana Okavango Magic PDF itinerary here.

Learn more about Botswana safari options.

Secrets of Namibia

namibia dune drive

Namibia Dune Drive

This was Louise’s favorite itinerary of recent years…she is wild about deserts and Namibia certainly offers the best desert scenery and arid-adapted wildlife of Africa! Relish the sky-high dunes and vast landscapes of Namibia by day and the star-drenched clear skies at night. Discover that Namibia is surprisingly full of life – from the unique desert-adapted elephant and rhinos, to the bizarre Welwitchia plan to the stunning Himba people, one of the last truly nomadic tribes. For this particular couple, we designed a luxurious extension to the Western Cape of South Africa following their safari in Namibia.

For full details, please download our Secrets of Namibia PDF itinerary here.

Day 1 – Arrive in Windhoek and transfer to a hotel or guesthouse for overnight.

Day 2, 3 & 4 – Shared charter flight to Sossusvlei for 3 nights at Little Kulala where you’ll enjoy spectacular dunes!

Day 5, 6 & 7 – Shared charter flight to the Kunene River Valley at the northern-most edge of Namibia for 3 nights at Serra Cafema.

Day 8, 9 & 10 – Shared charter flight to a conservancy adjacent to Etosha National Park for 3 nights at Little Ongava.

Day 11, 12 & 13 – 3 nts Skeleton Coast Safaris

Day 14 – Transfer to Windhoek for international departure or overnight (if continuing to Cape Town)

Optional Extension:

Day 15, 16 & 17 – Fly to Cape Town for a road transfer to the Cederberg Mountains where you spend 3 nights at Bushman’s Kloof.

Day 18, 19 & 20 – Road transfer back to Cape Town for 3 nights at Ellerman House. Private tours visiting the City, Table Mountain, the Winelands and the Cape Peninsula.

Day 21 – After breakfast and a final day in the city, transfer to the airport for international departure.

Learn more about safari options in Namibia.

Highlights of South Africa

Young Lions

Young Lions

This 11-day itinerary offers a glimpse at South Africa, the “World in One Country”, taking in a sample of its diverse collection of sights, sounds, people, places, amazing wildlife and cultures. Combining the Cape Town Area with the Sabi Sands near Kruger National Park, it explores sun-drenched beaches, floral kingdoms, vineyards and rural African villages, majestic mountains and exciting game parks. Above all, the friendly people and fascinating history will want to return to this magnificent country again and again.

A wonderful and dynamic holiday no matter the season, this itinerary is also perfect for families and can be tailored to suit your special interests.

For full details, please download our South Africa World in One Country PDF itinerary here.

Day 1 – Arrive in Cape Town today. Private transfer to Cape Grace Hotel for 3 nights on a bed & breakfast basis.

Day 2 – Private half-day tour of the City & Table Mountain. Afternoon at leisure. Breakfast & overnight at Cape Grace.

Day 3 – Private full-day tour of the Cape Peninsula. Breakfast & overnight at Cape Grace.

Day 4 – After breakfast & check-out, enjoy a tour of the Winelands before continuing along the scenic coast to Grootbos for 3 nights on a full-board basis.

Day 5 & 6 – Two full days to enjoy the many activities offered in the area. All meals & overnights are at Grootbos.

Day 7 – After breakfast, private transfer to Cape Town airport for flight to Nelspruit (quoted separately). On arrival, meet for shared road transfer into the Sabi Sands Game Reserve where you arrive at Mala Mala’s Sable Camp for 4 nights.

Day 8, 9 & 10 – Three full days of game drives and other wildlife-viewing activities. All meals & overnights are at Mala Mala’s Sable Camp.

Day 11 – After a final game drive and breakfast, transfer to Mala Mala airstrip for direct flight to Johannesburg. Meet & transfer to Main Terminal for departure.

Note: If you have a little more time available, we encourage you to extend your safari with 3 more days at either Tswalu Kalahari Private Reserve (enroute from Cape Town to the Sabi Sands) or Mashatu Game Reserve (Tuli Block of Botswana).

Cost depends on the season (a great itinerary year-round!) and accommodations selected/available.

Learn more about safari options throughout South Africa.

Authentic Zambia

Camera-ready Lion in Zambia's Busanga Plains

Camera-ready Lion in Zambia’s Busanga Plains

Richard’s favorite safari destinations were Zimbabwe and Zambia, formerly called Rhodesia and Northern Rhodesia respectively. He loved stories about the Victorian explorers and avidly followed in Henry Morton Stanley and Dr. David Livingstone’s footsteps through the wilds of Zambia, in particular.

Zambia is a surprisingly vast country, mainly comprised of a 3,000 m plateau. Wildlife-viewing areas are concentrated around its three major rivers: the Zambezi, the Luangwa and the Kafue. Zambia is still a wild, remote and seasonal destination with several authentic, adventurous safari camps that maintain an old-fashioned charm. Known as the original home of walking safaris, this is a great country to get out an explore the African landscape from outside a vehicle!

For full details, please download our Authentic Africa – Zambia Safari Itinerary or our Active Africa – Zimbabwe Safari Itinerary PDF itinerary here.

Hidden Kenya Flying Safari

Leopard & cub in Kenya's Maasai Mara

Leopard & cub in Kenya’s Maasai Mara

Kenya set the standard as the original safari destination with a plentiful and diverse wildlife, rich colonial history and a fascinating array of local cultures. Although it is a well discovered tourist destination these days, we know the country so well as to be able to offer an exciting itinerary in the hidden regions away from the crowds. This itinerary combines unusual and exclusive experiences in the Chyulu Hills/Amboseli with the arid landscape and authentic cultures of Northern Kenya & Samburu as well as world-famous wildlife viewing in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

For full details, please download our Hidden Kenya Flying Safari PDF itinerary here.

Day 1 & 2 – Arrive in Nairobi for an overnight stay with accommodation depending on your preferences. Enjoy a full day of rest and/or optional activities in the Capital City tailored to your interests.

Day 3, 4 & 5 – Fly to Ol Donyo for 3 nights in the Chyulu Hills including a full-day excursion to Amboseli National Park. Activities include game drives, walking safaris, horse-back riding, mountain biking, conservation tours, village visits and spa pampering.

Day 6, 7 & 8 – Fly to Samburu for 3 nights at Sasaab Lodge on a conservancy adjacent to the Samburu Game Reserve. Activities include game drives, walking safaris, camel rides, conservation tours, village and school visits and spa pampering.

Day 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 – Fly to the Maasai Mara Game Reserve for 5 nights at Mara Plains Camp on the Olare Orok Conservancy. Activities include day & night game drives and walking safaris.

Day 14 – Fly back to Nairobi and transfer to the international airport for departure.

Cost depends on the season (best from July-October) and accommodations selected/available. The number of travelers does not affect costs very much as your game drives and activities are shared with other guests in camp.

Tanzania Serengeti Migration Safari

Zebra, Lake Magadi & the Ngorongoro crater wall

Zebra, Lake Magadi & the crater wall

This 12-day private safari includes the highlights of the Classic Northern Circuit in Tanzania: Arusha, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Accommodation alternates between well-located, comfortable safari lodges and intimate tented camps. Twice-daily game drives are conducted in your private 4×4 safari vehicle with naturalist driver-guide. We will consult with you to hand-selected activities to enhance your journey – this couple selected a walking safari in Tarangire, a cultural interaction at Manyara and a visit to Olduvai Gorge’s museum. We will also tailor your itinerary to suit the season and ensure you’re in the optimal location for the Migration.

For full details, please download our Tanzania Serengeti Migration Safari PDF itinerary here.

Day 1 – Arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport. After obtaining your visa, enjoy a private transfer to Arusha Coffee Lodge (or similar) for some rest!

Day 2 – Morning excursion to Arusha National Park with afternoon free to rest. All meals and overnight are at Arusha Coffee Lodge.

Day 3 – Depart with driver-guide in private 4×4 safari vehicle. Drive about 2 hours to Tarangire NP entrance, then game drive 2-3 hours to Oliver’s Camp. After lunch, enjoy afternoon game drive with your vehicle. Return to camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 4 – Morning walking safari with resident guide. After lunch, game drive with driver-guide then night drive with resident guide. Dinner and overnight at Oliver’s Camp.

Day 5 – After breakfast, game drive out of Tarangire and continue to Lake Manyara for lunch followed by a local Maasai homestead experience. Dinner and overnight at Kirurumu Manyara Lodge.

Day 6 – Full day game drive in Manyara NP with picnic lunch. Return for dinner and overnight at Kirurumu Manyara Lodge.

Day 7 – After breakfast, drive through Ngorongoro Highlands to Serengeti National Park. After lunch, game drive returning to Olakira Camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 8 & 9 – Two days for morning & afternoon or full-day game drives in the Serengeti. All meals and accommodation are at Olakira Camp.

Day 10 – After breakfast, drive to Ngorongoro and descend to the Crater floor with picnic lunches. Drive up to the Rim for dinner & overnight at Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge.

Day 11 – After breakfast, game drive in the Ngorongoro Crater returning to the lodge for lunch and the afternoon at leisure. Dinner & overnight at Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge.

Day 12 – After breakfast, drive to Arusha for lunch in town. Transfer to Kilimanjaro Int’l Airport for departure.

Cost depends on the season, accommodations selected/available and the number of travelers sharing your private 4×4 safari vehicle with a naturalist driver-guide.

Rwanda Gorilla Tracking Extension

Happy adolescent mountain gorilla in Rwanda's Virunga Mountains

Happy adolescent mountain gorilla in Rwanda’s Virunga Mountains

Tracking mountain gorillas through the misty jungle of Rwanda makes a perfect extension to your Kenya or Tanzania safari. We recommend you spend three days in the area – 2 days for gorilla treks and 1 day to visit some of the many wonderful community projects taking place in this verdant, terraced landscape. Viewing the gorillas is a magical experience and the thrill of recognition when staring into their liquid brown eyes is a moment to treasure for a lifetime.

For full details, please download our Rwanda Gorilla Tracking Extension PDF itinerary here.

Day 1 – Arrive in Kigali this morning. You are met by your private 4×4 safari vehicle and driver-guide. Depart on the scenic drive to the Virunga Mountains. Have lunch and the afternoon at leisure at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge.

Day 2 & 3 – Track mountain gorillas in the Parc National des Volcans, spending 1 hour with these gentle creatures once you find them.

Day 4 – Take a day to enjoy the beautiful scenery, tracking golden monkeys in the forest or visiting one of the many fascinating community projects in the local villages.

Day 5 – Transfer back to Kigali for departure with a City Tour & stop at the Genocide Memorial enroute.

Note: Gorilla permits are extremely limited. Trekkers must be at least 15 years old and in good physical condition to participate. Please inquire about the suitability of including this experience in your itinerary.