…where an intrepid guide led us to wondrous sightings of African Wild Dogs, cheetahs, and a pride where a lioness dragged a roan antelope to feed seven hungry cubs.
Melinda, Berkeley, CA

Botswana MapFrom our first visits in the early 80’s when there were only a handful of simple, rustic camps, we at Next Adventure have loved Botswana. The country is now home to some of the most extraordinary camps in Africa, and it remains a world-class wildlife haven with extraordinary seasonal contrasts.

Each year floodwater flows from its source in the moist central African highlands over a thousand kilometers away into the Kalahari sands of the Okavango where it creates a unique wetland sustaining a huge diversity of wildlife and fabulous bird life.

To the north-east of the Okavango Delta are the Chobe and Linyanti Game Reserves with marshes, waterways, riverine forests, dry woodlands and the world-famous Savute Channel – areas renowned for predators and large concentrations of game, particularly elephant. The grasslands of the Kalahari together with the lunar expanse of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans are in total contrast to the verdant, game-rich Okavango and Linyanti regions.

Botswana’s low-volume/high-revenue tourism model and stable democracy have made it a shining star for sustainable tourism while ensuring that visitors have an exclusive wilderness experience.

Botswana is home to some of the most luxurious and unique safari destinations in all of Africa. Next Adventure is proud to partner with Wilderness Safaris, Great Plains Conservation, Natural Selection, Uncharted Africa, Desert & Delta Camps, Ker & Downey Botswana, Kwando Safaris, Sanctuary Retreats, African Bush Camps, Mashatu and many other independent camps and lodges in Botswana. We have a long working relationship all of these providers, have visited most camps personally and have celebrated over four decades of visiting and operating custom safaris in Botswana!

Safari Ideas

With so many spectacular and unique areas throughout the Okavango Delta & Moremi Game Reserve along with Chobe and the Savuti/Linyanti reserves, Botswana can easily be a stand-alone destination worthy of 8-12 nights split between three or four camps. This is especially true if you’re incorporating the Kalahari Desert or the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans. At a minimum, we would recommend 5 nights split between two contrasting camps.

The dry season runs from May-November, and those are generally considered the best months for wildlife viewing. May-September have optimum temperatures with warm, sunny days & cold nights. October-November are very hot months with excellent wildlife viewing but tough temperatures. There are also excellent Green Season opportunities which are often a great fit for a returning safari traveler.

The safari gateways are Maun (from Johannesburg or Cape Town) or Kasane (from Johannesburg or Victoria Falls). Often, our itineraries begin in one gateway and depart through the other. It is common to include a stop in Victoria Falls and/or Cape Town, and destinations in Botswana are easily paired with other safari areas throughout Southern Africa

Botswana is known for being one of the more expensive safari destinations with fully inclusive rates in the low season from about $550 per person per night to high season rates of $1500+ per person per night. The camps and lodges we prefer are smaller, more intimate properties with only 4-10 tents. Many of these are located on private concessions and reserves to avoid crowds and ensure an exclusive wilderness experience. For small groups or families, we often reserve the entire camp on an exclusive basis.

Guided overland camping safaris are also a popular option in Botswana offering excellent value, and they can be a great fit for families and small groups of friends looking for an adventure.

For example, ‘HIGHLIGHTS OF BOTSWANA‘ is a 9-night camping safari that includes a fantastic flight into the Delta with 2-night stays in 4 remarkable game viewing areas (Moremi, Kwhai and Savuti), with the last few days spent alongside two of Africa’s most beautiful rivers. The safari ends with a night in Livingstone to view the magnificent Victoria Falls. This is a true multi-night mobile camping adventure with spectacular wildlife and evenings spent around a campfire under billions of stars.

Botswana Experiences

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