• It was a joy to see that such a place on the planet still exists, kept in such a way as to limit the human impact on one of the last remote wildlife ecosystems. To see and understand firsthand how the land is managed and such care is taken to preserve it.

    -- Alan L.


    -- Alan L.

  • Understanding the behaviors and intricate relationships of the land, explained by passionate safari guides. They are so knowledgeable and eager to point out the subtleties. One can look at all the pictures they want but never really understand those complexities without being there.

    -- Alan L.

Extraordinary Service

A Lifetime of Experience

For more than 20 years, we have been taking safaris personally, and we share the benefit of our experience and the quality of our relationships with our clients. We aren’t selling seats on trips; we are sharing the best of wild Africa via our most trusted colleagues and friends.

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Our trip was nothing short of outstanding. We just wish we had more time at every place we visited! We are back at home now – listening to a lawn mower instead of birds tweeting :(. 
We can’t thank you enough to have set this up on such short notice . I’ll send more stories and pics soon, happy to do a call anytime :).
— Rajiv

Kili establishes confidence with the first conversation. Her knowledge is unlimited. I just put my trust in Kili.

Myra B.

Extremely knowledgeable, approachable, responsive and detail oriented.

Heidi & Lou C.

You do a great job of determining what people want and then matching the experiences to the person. We continue to recommend you to friends.

Buzz & Holly T.

Informative, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, accessible - great prep information!

Ann C.

Our Commitment

To provide our clients with the highest level of personalized safari planning and booking services with a focus on conservation, connection and communication.



By going on a safari with respected and responsible companies and partners, our clients provide direct support in the fight to preserve for future generations the most diverse wild places left on the planet.



Experiencing our planet's vast primitive wilderness connects us with the earth as it was tens of thousands of years ago. Wilderness gave birth to humanity, and in it we are reminded of the wild human thing in all of us.



The world needs more people telling positive stories about the wild, sacred and exciting places on our planet, and we at Next Adventure take great pride in knowing that our clients come home with stories of hope, wonder and gratitude.

Safari Stories

In March my wife and I took our second trip to Africa with Next Adventure. We spent two weeks in Kenya & Tanzania, and it was an amazing experience.

There is nothing quite like being up close to so many animals in their natural habitat, literally thousands of animals and at times we were right in the middle of the herds. It was stunning.

On Lewa Conservancy in Kenya we saw a large number of rhinos as well as observing the translocation of a troublesome elephant.

In the Mara we spotted all of the Big 5 animals on a single game drive; and in Tanzania we had the opportunity to watch a mother cheetah teaching her cub to hunt.

But aside from the animals and beautiful vistas (not to mention sunsets) we were impressed by the people, whether those working in the camps, or our drivers, or the rangers and others we met. Going on safari is incredible and gives you a whole new respect and view of Africa.

And there is no better organization that Next Adventure to help with those plans. Kili is an invaluable resource. The organization and their local contacts in Africa cannot be beat.

Kili sold us when we started talking with her about our first trip, and we look forward to doing it again.

— Dane

We were asleep and had the canvas part of our tent open so we could look outside but the mesh part was down. Probably about 2:30 or 3:00am one morning we heard a crunching sound outside. We slowly looked out the tent from our bed.A hippo was standing less than five feet from the tent opening eating a sausage fruit!!

We were amazed! We didn’t turn on any lights or take a picture because we didn’t want to frighten it. We just sat there and watched it chomp on the fruit. We loved it!

— Courtney A.

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